The aim of the project is the establishment of the Center for Integrative Bioinformatics Vienna (CIBIV) at the Campus Vienna Biocenter (VBC). The CIBIV shall serve as a nucleus of basic research applied biotechnology, genetics, clinical research and development of new drugs and integrate research projects from several locations. This will allow growth, provide critical mass, and thus enable competitive bioinformatics, functional genomics and proteomics. The project unifies all established universities and research institutions in Vienna. In addition, the CIBIV shall provide student training in bioinformatics for all university locations.

AntragsstellerIn Konsortium "Bohrgasse", Wien, Österreich
KoordinatorIn Prof. Andrea Barta
Anzahl der PartnerInnen 6 Institutionen (univie, MUW, VUW, IMBA, IMP, GMI) aus Wien, Österreich
PUNKT's responsibilities Erstellung des Antragskonzeptes und des Budgets aufgrund der WWTF Richtlinien
Status Gefördert, mehr siehe