Sharpen Your Communication

In our one and a half day workshop, scientists enhance their awareness of various modes of communication and hone their communications skills. I work together with Blair Darby, artist and excellent motivator, to convey to participants an understan- ding of the most appropriate and effective ways of communica- ting research findings to a wider public. Having fun is a big part of the exercise. Various games are used to demonstrate what was presented in the theoretical part. Our participants explore new experiences and gain important insights, which they can immediately apply in their everyday lives.

Reaching Your Dream Job

In our two-day workshop, participants travel with Blair Darby and myself, learning more about the dreams, skills, strengths, shortcomings, and constraints that can influence our professio- nal careers and lives. We then distil out a vision from that jour- ney, and go on to show how that vision can become an achiev- able goal. We supplement the theory with many exercises and games in order to find the “dream job” for individual partici- pants and the way to go about getting it. The right info, the right preparation, and the right amount of fun, that is our motto and your ticket to your dream job.