A to Z Support: Call for Proposal – Application – Coordination - Submission

Should you wish, I can support you in planning your long-term funding.

In any event, I advise as to how you can take your ground- breaking project idea further. I also keep a close eye on the re- quirements for tender, to ensure strict compliance. My particu- lar concern is to have suitable consortium partners selected and the appropriate application concept developed for your indivi- dual project. That includes tendering and evaluations-relevant criteria.

Once the project idea and the project partners have been deter- mined, I write up the complete management file, oversee the development of the entire project budget, and describe how the project will deal with research results. In addition, I ensure there is transparency in the handling of ethics and gender issues.

I proofread the scientific description of your project, which you and your partners will have produced, I coordinate all partners' contributions to the application, and I complete all the necessa- ry formalities so that, we, together, have the application submit- ted in time.

To facilitate collaboration on the project application I use a specially designed web-based platform, which serves to document the whole application development process as well.