Jak-Stat signalling


Jaks (Janus kinases) and Stats (signal transducers and activators of transcription) form a unique, fast track for signal transduction from cell surface receptors to target genes. Jak-Stat signalling contributes in many ways to organismic integrity and disturbance of this signalling avenue causes disease in mammalian organisms, including humans. The present initiative SFB-JakStat pools existing resources by creating a veritable JakStat-platform that might constitute the largest one in Europe. This state-of-the-art scientific network of the nine synergistic interacting basic research-oriented groups from three different Viennese universities, the research Institute of Molecular Pathology and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Cancer Research will fundamentally improve international competitiveness.

SFB-JakStat presents one management and four scientific work packages. The four scientific work packages address the role of Jaks and/or Stats in two important categories of disease: infection/inflammation and cancer. The highly focussed research within these work packages ‚Jak-Stat in inflammation and immune responses', ‚Jak-Stat in hematopoiesis and leukemogenesis', ‚Jak-Stat in carcinoma' (esp. liver cancer) and ‚Jak-Stat in novel mechanisms of action' will shed new light on the canonical and non-canonical signalling events linking infection, inflammation and cancer.

Central to SFB-JakStat is an enabling and technology platform comprising the four toolboxes ‚Gene-modified Mice' (Austrian Center of Biomodels and Transgentics), ‚Advanced Cell Culture Models', ‚Molecular Jak-Stat Tools' and ‚Jak-Stat Expression Profiles/Bioinformatics'.


Applicant University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Austria
Coordinator Prof. Mathias Müller, Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics
Number of partners 5 institutions with 9 partner groups from Vienna, Austria Institute for Molecular Pathology - IMP, Vienna, Austria Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, Cancer Research, Vienna, Austria Medical University of Vienna, Austria University of Vienna, Austria Veterinary University Vienna, Austria
PUNKT's responsibilities Creation of the proposal's concept, composition of the expository, organisational, administrative and financial considerations of the project, project-coordination, -organisation and -communication with all participating institutions and partners.
Status Funded
Website http://www.jak-stat.at/